What Are The POWERS & ABILITIES Of The NAZGUL? | Middle Earth Lore

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Today we look at the abilities and powers that the Nazgul possess! This will include everything from the weapons they carry (like the Morgul Blade / Knife) to the sorcery they can conjure. These once Kings of Men, turned Ringwraiths by Sauron are the source of many nightmares, especially due to their leader the Witch-King, so they are definitely fascinating to look into!

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Thumbnail Art: "Nazgul" - Styoo

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Nazgul – darekzabrocki
Nazgul 3 (Lord of the Rings) – AnatoFinnstark
And in the Darkness Bind Them – runandwine
Nazgul - Gydw1n
Nazgul 9 (Lord of the Rings) – AnatoFinnstark


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