VS Chara but she cheats... (Hard)

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You get the

Note: I don't know what happened but the quality was terrible at the beginning but it'll get back up. Also I only changed the Chart, Inst, and Vocals, I didn't make the original Chart or the Song Files and I don't have any affiliation with them. No I won't be posting the the files changed for this mod on any site because I don't trust myself honestly. Last thing is the once it reaches it that "section" the Inst and Vocals might be out of sync because I've never done stuff like this before all I did was copy and paste on parts where it would fit just "fine."

This mod:

Created by:
Hexar (Main Dev)
Rishimazza: Music
Eggplant: Art
Fire_Mario_Fan: Chart

This mod is based off Undertale, created by TobyFox, where your choices changes the story.
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