Unboxing my Heaven & Earth Designs diamond painting canvas!!!

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Heaven & Earth Designs diamond painting section:

The canvas I purchased, SK Spider Queen:

Heaven & Earth Designs Diamond Painting Facebook groups:

Cooper Diamond Art (where I purchased the diamonds):
cooperdiamondart@ - email Brandy and tell her you need a quote for diamonds, and tell her the canvas you have purchased - she will email you a quote

Diamond painting opaque cover paper squares I purchased from Amazon:

Clip on phone holder for recording:

Another clip on phone holder I use for recording:

Small trash can I use when kitting up:

Padded lap desk ~

Huion wireless smaller light pad I use ( inches by 9 inches):

Huion wireless larger light pad (16 inches by 12 inches):

Sewing clips I use to clip the canvas when I roll it up:

Pretty Placers Etsy store (the wax crayon I use for diamond painting):

Follow Pretty Placers on Instagram:

It's Sew Emma holder I use for my Pretty Placer crayons:

Previous Paint With Me True Crime stories:

60-slot container for diamonds ~

My drafting table for diamond painting:

Diamond Painting Framing video playlist:

Crafters Anonymous w/Mrs. Crochet & Coffee and Rachel Rae: Crafters Anonymous with Mrs. Crochet & Coffee & Rachel Rae ~

Diamond Painting with Sparklers Facebook group:
E-mail me! @

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My Amazon Wish List ~

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How I became a scopist (my job) and work from home ~

If you want to send me stuff or communicate through the mail:
Danielle Jones
Box 1151
Pasadena, Maryland 21123

Ending music is from LiQWYD on YouTube ~

Use my affiliate code if you make a purchase with Paint With Diamonds! If you use my link to purchase a kit, I receive 15 percent commission ~

My Color Street consultant is Jen Upton.
Her website is
Her Facebook group is:
Other videos you may be interested in:

What is an AB diamond:

How I order a custom frame for a diamond painting:
I prefer round diamonds to square diamonds for two reasons, mainly. One, the round diamonds seem more sparkly to me than square. And, two, the round diamonds, to me, are easier to place than the square ones.

I also do not save my diamonds after I am done with a kit. I just toss them. I have only had a few instances where I have run out of a color and had to order a bag or two. My favorite store to order diamonds if I run out is this store on Etsy:

My favorite diamond painting supplies!

Binder style art portfolio I have (my favorite one!) ~

Bound style art portfolio I have ~

Tilted lap table ~

Large pink craft mat ~
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