Trapped Under The Sea In A Submarine In Submerged A Roblox Story

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In Todays Roblox Video, Darzeth Plays Roblox Submerged which is a roblox story game an he is trapped deep under the depths of the sea with a monster. Will he survive or be lost forever at sea?

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???? Submerged ???? [STORY]
By Table Flip Studios

???? Your last trip didn't go so well, but you still wanted to relax, so you take up an offer for a new underwater trip. When you get on, mysterious things begin to happen. Will you survive the underwater horror stories inside a ????

⛔ This game has been discontinued from ANY future development! Expect some bugs, glitches, and mistakes when playing! ⛔

⚠️ Warning: There are flashing lights, creepy sounds and jumpscares. Please keep that in mind! ⚠️

???? Please have sounds on for the best experience! ????

???? Found any bugs? ????
Join the communications server (below) and submit a report via the "#bug-reports" channel found inside the server.

???? Join Table Flip Studios for 35% extra health! ????

???? Follow @FizzyMoose & @TableFlipRBLX for News, Updates, & Codes! ????

????Make sure to like and favorite to support the game and for more updates! ????

???? Version ????

(Inspired by Camping - SamsonXVI)

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