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Real Estate and Capital Gains for 2021:

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Mike Acquisto, Broker of Acquisto Real Estate discuss the most pressing real estate topics each M-F at 8:45 am central on Acquisto Real Estate TV, a blooming real estate Talk Show.

Intro : (0:00)
Daily Overview : (5:00)
Real Estate and Capital Gains for 2021 : (7:05)
2021 Residential Real Estate Market Update End of Q1 : (9:11)
1 New realword : ( 18:35)
That's a Wrap : (20:15)
The End : (25:05)

Topics covered today:
Lakefront property
Roll call, social media updates, first time viewers

1. Real Estate and Capital Gains for 2021
People are making gains on residential so we are reviewing all the information
Zoom Meeting - 7:45 Jean is the speaker and will share very relevant information
Apr 7, 2021 09:00 AM Central Time (US and Canada)
This would be great for you to learn more about the capital gains and you can then share your knowledge on TNT with Mike

2. 2021 Residential Real Estate Market Update End of Q1
Moving 1 property type away - residential market. people moving from the city center to the edge, from the edge to rural places.
People are moving to look for more space. The trend is going to continue
Internet coming down from the sky -Elon Musk and his new service. It is viable to move to places where there was no internet before.
Saif's comments - If you work on FB, Apple and you make a half a million or a million dollars per year - you loose input and influence. They were not in the city center. Being geographically close to the decision maker matters.
Amy's comments - clients are thinking moving rural is good but there are some other things that matter, they need to be near to the sphere of influence and people who make decisions.
Iceberg - people below of the tip will be able to move and will be willing to move from their sphere of influence with no consequences.
It will be a revolution and things will change in real estate, social media, and how we work remote.
Parents who love and care about their children.

1 new REALword :
Application - Application for a loan - the form used to apply for a mortgage loan.

That's a Wrap
Real estate and capital gains webinar
Can't stop, won't stop Wednesday
Residential Real Estate Market update end of Q1
1 New real word


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