The X Event Mod Is Something Else (Friday Night Funkin' Mod)

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I have no words. Where do I even start with this mod? The charts are really challenging and fun, you have actual RPG PORTIONS thrown into the mod, and the Wingdings are a lie! A ton of effort was put into this mod, and it shows. Definitely check this mod out for yourself!
Translations for the Gaster cutscenes are in the video!!

The X Event - FULL WEEK:
(The Dev Team is listed on the mod page, go show these people support!!)

Play Friday Night Funkin':

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0:00 Intro
1:21 Overwrite (Cutscene)
1:43 Overwrite
4:34 Inking Mistake (Cutscene)
4:48 Inking Mistake
8:00 Relighted (Opening & Cutscene)
9:31 Relighted
13:20 Relighted (Closing Cutscene)
13:29 Outro

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