The Sew Yeah Show - Premiere | Season 1

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Welcome to the FIRST EVER SEW YEAH SHOW! We are so excited to share this video with you and look forward to hearing what you think! Remember that we will be posting a new episode monthly!

Please comment below what you would like to see on our next segment of “Will it Sew”!

If you would like to enter in to design your own batik chop (Tjap) please send your file to Destash@ . The image should (whether hand drawn or computer drawn etc) should be between 8-10 inches. Please understand that you will not own the rights to the chop or fabrics if you are submitting to us, however we will give you 10 yards of the fabric on the house.

Text “SALES” to 833-351-0814 for premiere access to Sew Yeah Quilting deals and savings!


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