THE SECRET ICE PRINCESS❄️Roblox Music Video Story

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Happy Holidays! Enjoy this story about Princess Icy, it’s one of our favorites! :) Comment below what you think is going to happen next! :O

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Thank you to everyone who made this video possible!
????Apartment scene filmer: Xixxy42
????Princess Icy: Halmalme and Ariana9157
????Baker Boy: Coolnidhi123 and Bunny22030
????Prince Frost: NutSunShine2009
????Caretaker: Jjmerchan
- Voiced by
David Stenstrom

Bryan Green

- Acted by
Amanaoma, Australia10089, Barbiethedog123, BubblyBerryPlayz, C00kiesNcream101, Caelacat10, Confused_Mochi1, Explorella10, Isimisi071, Kitty_Candy123456, Kittycornallysa1, Missberrymetoo, notinterested121, Roxie_2009, Shulolly, TerryTrains, UnicornBacon1223, UnicornHeaven18, XZoieRBLXx, Xixxy42, and XxxEllaBelaxxx

Thank you to slvelvst for helping us edit this video!

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Music by Emma Kern - Nice To Be Naughty -
Music by Liv Free - Rudolph, Rudolph -
Outro: Music by Axl & Arth , Rather Not -

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