The power of Investing | How can you TRULY become WEALTHY?

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What if I say that irrespective of your salary, you can save approximately $8million in your lifetime? Yes, you read that right.

Take inspiration from Ronald Read, a janitor who earned a meagre salary but had a valuation of $8 million at the end
(The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel 0:00).
How was this possible? He knew about one little secret - the power of compounding! (well, its not technically a secret),

Learning to invest is a much necessary skill that all should acquire, no matter what field they are in. And if you recognize the importance of saving, its a cherry on top!

In this video, I talk about three lessons drawn from the Psychology of Money (Book by by Morgan Housel):
1. Anyone can Invest 01:08
2. Power of saving 05:05
3. Need for investing 08:48

Hope these lessons push you to start your investing journey today!:)

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