The Lesser Known HEROES Of The Lord of the Rings! | Middle Earth Lore

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There are so many characters in Tolkien's works that have never been given a fully flesh out background. For these kind of characters it would be hard to create a full video on each, so we thought why not put a few together into one little bundle for you all! In this video we are going to be look at the heroes, with the villains coming in a future video!

This video includes:
Haldir of Lothlorien
Beregond of Minas Tirith
Gamling of Rohan
Damrod of Ithilien
Erestor of Rivendell
Erkenbrand of Rohan
Hurin of Gondor

We hope you enjoy!

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Thumbnail Art:
Haldir - LiigaKlavina
Beregond - Adam Lane
Gamling - Melanie Maier
Damrod - Joshua Cairos
Erestor - Pawel Hudeczek
Erkenbrand - SGiacibinoWorks
Hurin of the Keys - Peter Xavier Price


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