The Great Rebranding (EP 08) | The Josh Potter Show

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Welcome to the newly rebranded Josh Potter Show! Enny is back for this episode.

Josh starts the show asking Enny how to get one's girlfriend to buy them a PS5, Sussell Wilson vs. the Buffalo Bills, and the recap of last week's Arby's review. For the news, Josh covers a man who had a heart attack while on performance meds and some cool people in the woods that got in trouble for performing a gender reassignment surgery. For the sports world the Cockroach covers baseball hall of famer Tony La Russa's DUI arrest and an investigation on cameras that were put in the New York Jets' locker room. Josh reviews some new "QotW" submissions and responds to follow-up emails about the cleanest and dirtiest NFL butts. He wraps the episode by urging fans to spread the Buffalo Bills spirit to their favorite, random, 716 area code numbers.

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