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Today we are back to our Journey series of videos, where today we look back at the members of the Fellowship, and the other man of the Boromir! We look at what he did before the events of the Lord of the Rings up until his end!
I hope you enjoy!

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Thumbnail Art: "Terra di Mezzo Mappa 3D - Middle Earth Map 3D" & "BOROMIR" - Alfonso Giraldes Banshee

Art in order of First Appearance:
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Ring Goes South – pakomako
Boromir – amorphouscarpus
Terra di Mezzo Mappa 3D - Middle Earth Map 3D
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Boromir - Gellihana-art
Captain of Gondor – Nordheimer
Boromir – Venlian
Denethor and Finduilas - Catherine Chmiel
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Boromir – cherohero
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Boromir and Faramir – faQy
The Sons of Denethor – Davidoa
Boromir - Kazuki-Mendou
Boromir - s-u-w-i
Boromir and Faramir in Osgiliath - AnotherStranger-Me
Boromir and Faramir – idolwild
Commander of the White Tower – renezo
Lament for Boromir – CKGoksoy
Boromir Sets Out - Anke Eißmann
Goodbye Brother – KatRinch
Boromir - Donato Giancola
Boromir – AlyaW
Boromir Arrives to Rivendell - 1oshuart
The Council of Elrond – Mysilvergreen
The One Ring - benjamin-lindquist
The Fellowship Leaving Rivendell - Ted Nasmith
The Company Attempts the Pass of Caradhras - Ted Nasmith
The Anger of the Mountain - Ted Nasmith
I Go To Find The Sun – peet
The Fellowship Approaches Moria - Ted Nasmith
Moria Gate - Ted Nasmith
The Watcher in the Water – Tulikoura
Drums in the Deep - Balins Tomb – AllrichArt
The Balrog - Ted Nasmith
The Great Tree at Caras Galadhon - Ted Nasmith
Galadriel and Aragorn – DonatoArts
Farewell to Lorien - Ted Nasmith
Boromir's Golden Belt - (Artist Unknown)
Farewell to Lorien – peet
The Pillars of the Kings - Ted Nasmith
The One Ring – mikenashillustratio
Frodo Baggins – HiroUsuda
Tol Brandir - Ted Nasmith
Boromir and Frodo on Amon Hen – peet
Boromir - Ted Nasmith
Boromir – ladynlmda
Boromir – evankart
Boromir's Last Stand - (Artist Unknown)
Boromir Stands Alone - (Artist Unknown)
Boromir The Horn of Gondor – DonatoArts
Last Stand - Shagan-fury
Boromir - cargat10
Boromir's Death - the-elusive-spark
The Death of Boromir - Peter Xavier Price
Passing of Boromir – DonatoArts
The Funeral Boat of Boromir – peet


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