StarCraft 2 - TERRAN VS ZERG EXORCIST | ICYFAR G3 Trend-Breaker

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In this week’s episode of I Cast Your Freakin Awesome Replays (ICYFAR) players sent in their StarCraft 2 replays where they buck the norms and use an off-meta comp to confuse their enemies (Trend-Breaker)! Here’s a fun game of zerg versus terran completing the challenge in humorous fashion.

NEW ICYFAR CHALLENGE: "Historical Reenactment" - Announce your favourite fighting force from history and use them as inspiration for your strategy! For instance "Vikings" and constantly drop and pillage their mineral lines! Send submissions to eonblu95@ as attachment AND only ICYFAR as the subject. Max 1 replay. Latest submission is on the 5th December.

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