Relicta Walkthrough (Full Story - No Collectibles)

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This video is a "stroll" run of the entire Relicta game. Puzzle solution are optimized as far as possible for maximum replicability. Unfortunately the game bugged out on me a couple of times but I wanted an unedited run of the full game.

More info about the game here:
Get it here:

Time Stamps
01. Tutorial 1: 2:45
02. Tutorial 2: 11:45
03. Shoemaker Taiga: 21:02
04. Shoemaker Caves: 34:37
05. De Gerlache Cliff: 1:05:29
06. Faustini Canyon: 1:22:49
07. Sverdrup Beach: 1:47:03
08. Shoemaker Glacier: 2:14:01
09. De Gerlache River: 2:48:02
10. Faustini Rift: 3:30:18
11. Sverdrup Jungle: 3:52:58

If you are looking for the solution to a particular puzzle have a look at my Steam guide with screenshots for each and every test of the game:
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