Redoran Hortator - Main Quest Walkthrough (TES III Morrowind)

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This is the walkthrough for the Redoran Hortator. To become Hortator of House Redoran, you'll need to convince all the councilors, starting with Athyn Sarethi, who is the key to convincing the others.

After you've convinced everyone else, talk to Archmaster Bolvyn Venim. Like Archmagister Gothren, he will not give you his support. He'll challenge you to a duel in the Vivec Arena.

Once you have brutally murdered the Archmaster Bolvyn Venim, return to Athyn Sarethi, who will name you Redoran Hortator and give you the pitiful Ring of the Hortator, which is possibly the worst "artifact" I have seen in this game. But you're almost done with the Hortator quests and are well on your way on completing the Main Quest of TES III Morrowind!

(I recommend that you do the Hortator quests before the Nerevarine ones as after you are declared Nerevarine, you might have problems with Temple & Redoran guards etc.)
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