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【Introduction】Chu Li just graduated from university. With a passion towards publishing, she successfully entered Yuan Yue Publishing House. However, at the moment the publishing industry undergoes huge changes. As a fresh editor, she was shocked by the state of the publishing industry but she stayed true and gave it all in becoming an author focusing on producing good books. Together with Yuan Yue Publishing House, they braved the impact of social change. With sincerity and professionalism, she impressed the renowned author and joined them as the exclusive editor. Chu Li also helped authors that are in struggle and transformed them. She discovered new authors with her unique vision. In the end, she overcame obstacles in career and paved her way becoming the top editor. With that, she earned a love relationship with a renowned author that involved work interaction, argument and happiness.

【Cast】Esther Yu(THE9), Ryan Ding Yuxi, Yang Shize, Ma Yinyin

《I've Fallen For You》by Esther Yu
《Sweet On》
《Wonderful Fate》
《No Boundary Season 2》
《Love Crossed》
《Love Scenery》
《My Roommate is a Gumiho》
《So I Married The Anti-Fan》
《Make My Heart Smile》
《Go Go Squid 2 's Time》
《The Blooms at RUYI Pavilion》
《My Unicorn Girl》
《Love Is Sweet》
《Flavour It's Yours》
《Arsenal Military Academy》
《In Love With Your Dimples》
《Unusual Idol Love》
《No Boundary Season 1》
《The Most Popular On-Screen Couple Collection》
《Sweet Kiss Scenes Collection》

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