Nexus Blitz except we're Oneshot Duskblade AD Thresh

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Nexus Blitz is great cos it's like League of Legends except it's fun.
Moreover, it's perfect for funky off meta/troll stuff that just can't fly in Summoner's Rift.


We have a discord too:

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I swear I didn't appreciate Nexus Blitz the last two times it was on nearly as much. It must have something to do with playing this basically all the time for over a year on stream now, I have a massive appreciation for casual fun games instead of basically playing to win every game, even if I DO play off meta.

In any case, like ARAM, Nexus Blitz is dumb fun but has JUST enough objectives and strategy to make it not plain TDM. I'd say it's close enough to be TDM but far enough away so that multiple champions can shine. I just really don't understand why Riot won't let us play it permanently or at least be an option for custom games.

We played Thresh all day with viewers in this stream, so there's more to come, trying different funky builds each time.

Thanks for reading, runes below.


Runes visible in the video, but I go for Predator here for true "one shot". You can instead go for Dark Harvest or anything you feel, and of course Galeforce has many advantages over Dankblade of Memetharr.


Item sets now available for download/copy paste! See my new AD Thresh Itemisation Guide on MOBAFire:


Stream music is by Gamechops

Hey, you read the description, big PP energy to you!


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