Minecraft - Longplay Full Game Walkthrough (No Commentary)

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Minecraft Full Survival Longplay, what can you say about minecraft that hasn't already been said. It's a game that millions have played and enjoyed. From people building small huts to towering castle's, fighting zombies, skeletons and endermen, while looking out for creepers. The soundtrack that brings back a flood of nostalgia and memories for many. I had a good time playing this for sure, used a shader to make it look it bit better No Mods, 100% Vanilla. So I hope ya'll enjoy there was mess up on my part later on in the video stupid mistake but thankfully you didn't miss to much but I hope you all enjoy watching this longplay nonetheless.

Gameplay recorded by Loopy


The Start - 0:00
The Beginning - 1:14
Makeshift Shelter - 11:40
Time to Hunt - 30:20
It's Mining Time - 35:04
Diamonds! - 1:45:50
The Village - 2:21:50
Time to build a house - 2:25:50
I call it Home - 3:12:20
The Quest for Ender pearls - 3:34:37
Me lil ol Farm - 4:27:00
The Nether Portal - 5:33:00
The Netherworld - 5:34:40
Right Back at Ya - 5:48:15
The Nether Fortress - 5:57:05
Minecraft Stuff - 6:15:12
The End Portal - 8:50:25
The Ender Dragon - 8:52:48
The Last Goodbye - 9:33:50

The Shader pack I used was Sildurs, it be my personal favorite one.
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