MGSV: The Phantom Pain Mission 12 Hellbound All Objectives Walkthrough

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Hellbound is the 12th mission in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. It has 6 steps you can complete for full rewards and completing it gets you more than 32,500 GMP. It takes place in North Kabul, Afghanistan. This video guide will help you complete all objectives., If you prefer the written form, click here:

Mission Objectives
- Make contact with
- Extract Dr. Emmerich
- Extract 3 Walker Gears from Central Base Camp
Lots of these Walker Gears are driven by soldiers. You can’t take down the driver if you are in front of it. Extracting this piece of gear also requires the Cargo 2 upgrade for the Fulton device.
- Extract Dr. Emmerich without him taking damage
This is probably the hardest mission task. It is not that hard to protect Dr. Emmerich from other soldiers, Sahelanthropus makes the real problem. The first moments upon arrival of the creature are especially tough.
- Secure the Glamor model (Vertical) poster at Central Base Camp

- Secure the blueprint at Central Base Camp

- [BAMBETOV SV] Blueprint

Dr. Emmerich betrayed the enemy, now its up to Big Boss to extract him and any useful knowledge he has. Especially about the Metal Gear Sahelanthropus.

Time Seek:
[00:05] #1 Mission begins
[08:45] #2 Arrival at Afghanistan Central Base Camp
[10:46] #3 Great place to ambush D-walkers
[13:40] #4 Blueprint Side Objective
[17:55] #5 Glamor Model Poster Side Objective
[19:45] #6 Sneaking to Emmerich
[23:35] #7 Escaping with the Doctor
[25:15] #8 ST-84 Metal Gear Sahelanthropus appears

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