Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain - S-Rank Walkthrough - Mission 12: Hellbound

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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain S-Rank Walkthrough Playlist:

Mission 12: Hellbound
This is one of the longer missions and you will always start at the same point. Start this mission at night, it's easier. In the first enemy camp always stick to the left wall (crouch to avoid being seen). Crawl if the enemy chopper has its search light on you. Now hang off the side of D-Horse to get past the enemy outposts unnoticed. Once you have arrived in the central base camp, stick to the wall on the right and stay in the shadows (always crouching) until you reach Emmerich. Go back the same path you came.
When the metal gear attacks you, run through its legs then put Emmerich on D-Horse and manually choose the helicopter extraction point in the south. First, stick to the walls on the left. Then cross the road and stay behind the walls on the right. By the time you get to the landing zone you the Metal Gear should have lost sight of you. Restart the checkpoint if he catches up.

There are two golden rules for getting S-ranks:
1. Don't try it on your first playthrough (a lot of strategies only work when replaying missions and you will unlock better gear over the course of the game).
2. Skip all cutscenes to save time (yes, cutscenes add to your time and will greatly reduce your points!)

S-Rank Strategies, basic tips and things you should know:
- Getting 130,000 points in a mission unlocks the S-rank (same score requirement for all missions)
- Only main missions have a ranking system, side ops don't. Main missions 02, 22, 43 are an exception, they don't have any ranks. There are 50 main missions in total.
- Completing the missions as quickly as possible without being seen is usually good enough. Skip the bonus objectives, they take too long and will complicate things.
- Equipping the Invisibility Camo, Parasite Suit, Raiden Suit, Cyborg Ninja Suit, Chicken-Hat, Infinity Bandana, using D-Walkers Fulton Ballista or calling in air strikes / helicopter support will void the S-rank. With these items you are limited to A-rank at best. So don't use them!
- On your first playthrough of the missions, always try to take out the enemy radar stations. This gives you a huge tactical advantage because you can call the extraction helicopter directly to the enemy base (or start the mission there).
- S-Ranks earn you a lot more money and heroism than lower ranks

With these tips in mind you should have very little trouble following these video guides and obtaining all S-ranks. Be warned, however, that the game uses a variable difficulty system. If you use a lot of headshots, enemies will get helmets. If you always infiltrate at night, enemies will get night vision goggles. If you always use sleeping grenades, enemies will wear gas masks etc.
In this walkthrough series I stick to the basics to make it as easy to replicate as possible. These guides are fairly spoiler free as I skip the cutscenes to save time.


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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Trophies and Achievements:

Completed a mission using a Combat Unit staff member.

Completed all missions.

Completed all mission tasks.

Completed all missions with an S rank.

Completed a SIDE OP.

Completed all "Mine Clearing" SIDE OPS.

Completed all SIDE OPS.

Captured an outpost or guard post.

Completed all key Dispatch Missions.

Played an "Infiltration" FOB mission.

Cry Havoc
Made D-Dog available for deployment.

Made Quiet available for deployment.

Trusty Steed
Raised bond with D-Horse to the maximum.

Man's Best Friend
Raised bond with D-Dog to the maximum.

War Buddy
Raised bond with Quiet to the maximum.

Fulton extracted an enemy soldier.

Interrogated an enemy soldier.

To The Rescue
Extracted a female prisoner.

Increased Mother Base staff to 250 or more personnel.

Raised all Teams/Units to level 99.

Developed 50 or more development items.

Developed 100 or more development items.

Locked and Loaded
Developed 300 or more development items.

Constructed all available platforms for Mother Base.

Developed a nuclear weapon.

Disposed of a nuclear weapon.

Earned a total of 10,000,000 GMP or more.

Extracted all wild animal species.

Obtained all blueprints and key items.

Obtained all memento photos.

Obtained the codename "Hero."
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