Lord Of The Rings In Minecraft - Welcome To Minecraft Middle-Earth

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The chance to explore Middle-Earth in Minecraft is at your fingertips. Come visit JRR Tolkien's world of Lord of the Rings by hopping onto the oldest and most epic Minecraft build server to date. In this introduction video, we will guide you through what exactly you can do while you're on the server.

We hope that aside from seeing Gondor, Rohan, Moria, The Shire, and places like Minas Tirith and Helm's Deep, you'll be inspired to join our vibrant community.

It's time to go on an adventure. Experience Middle-Earth the MCME way. Visit us today!

Getting Started:
Minecraft Server IP: (the recommended version is Java )

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Planet Minecraft:

Video credits
Concept & Script - Sevy689 & _Iru
Cinematography - GingerlyGinger, Johnyeric, Xmine01, _Luk, Archimdes, Maski98, Mapthor, and Sevy689
Edited by Sevy689 & TotiGonzales

Music - Rainbow Flyer from Audiomachine
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