Indian Defence Updates : India Bans Tank Import,Dhruvastra For LCH,ATAGS Final Trial,200 Ka-226 Deal

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Top 5 Indian Defence News Headlines on Today's "Indian Defence Updates” episode are as follows :

1. Tanks Corvettes light helicopters AWACS in 2nd negative import list of 108 items : Helina & Dhruvastra For #LCH.
2. DRDO will begin trials of Made-in-India #ATAGS in June but Army still has ‘concerns’, keeps ATHOS deal option open.
3. Indian Navy's #INSVikrant a generation newer than China's two aircraft carriers.
4. Russian helicopters to increase footprint in India : Ka-226 Indigenisation issue resolved : deal negotiations soon.
5. China unveils copy of H60 black Hawk & Pantsir S1.


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