How A YouTube Video A Day Changed My Life

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This is a really special video for me!

If you haven't been paying attention 2020 was a strange and crazy ride for all of us but in particular for me and my YouTube channel!

At the start of 2020 myself and my media team set out with the goal of creating a YouTube video EVERY SINGLE DAY this year which is a TONNE of content. We decided to create a compilation video highlighting all the various pieces of content we created covering all the unique guests, different video series and the highs/lows of what happened over this year!

It's been so much fun to document my Journey and share it with you all here on YouTube so we hope you enjoy this video and if you do make sure to leave us a comment!

What was your favourite part from this video or your favourite guest/video series from my channel over 2020? Which moments stand out the most to you and what do you want to see more of for 2021? Should we do a video a day in 2021? Do you think we can reach 100,000 subscribers in 2021?

Let us know in the comment section below and don't forget to SMASH the like button!

Some of the video's/series featured in this video:
Pandemic -
Wholesale Wars -
Deal Destruction -
Finance Friday's With Findlay Mortgage Team -
CashFlow Tribe -
Matt McKeever Monday Madness -
Stefan Aarnio -

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Matt McKeever is a CPA, CA and Real Estate Entrepreneur in London, Ontario. On this YouTube Channel Matt discusses a variety or real estate and personal finance strategies and tactics. Including: How to BRRRR Real Estate, The Importance of Investing for Cash Flow, How to Reach Financial Independence Retire Early, Safe Withdrawal Rates, Frugality and Reducing Personal Consumption & Embracing Minimalism.

Matt began investing in real estate at age 25 by purchasing a student rental near Fanshawe College.

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