Farming, Recycling, & Building Homes - 5B1C S2 EP4 - Cities Skylines Multiplayer

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Farming, Recycling, & Building Homes - 5B1C S2 EP4 - Cities Skylines Multiplayer

Hello everyone and welcome back to 5B1C! In this episode, we're going to take an inventory of the community Czardus started, make a few fixes, and add to the city! We'll resolve the garbage issue, start building the farming industry, and begin a small residential neighborhood. Lots to do in this great little town. Enjoy!

This is a Cities Skylines series bringing together multiple creators to build on a single map in an attempt to build one city together.

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Creators Involved:
- Czardus:
- City Planner Plays:
- ImperialJedi:
- OverchargedEgg:
- Lee Hawkins:
- Biffa Plays Indie Games:
- Imperatur:
- TheTimeister:

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Map: Port Cambria by CaptainAlex:

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*** Chapters ***
Introduction - 0:00
Garbage Issues - 1:40
The Rent is Too High! Need more residential now! - 6:27
Say no to Cul du Sacs!- 8:51
Producing Our Own Food - 12:17
An Isolated Residential District - 25:26
Expanding the Farm - 28:38
City Tour - 34:22
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