Evolution - Day of Judgment

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Evolution? Come on you are not still believing in that old are you?

Take genetic entropy. Essentially all geneticists agree that mutations cause degeneration and the genome is degrading with every generation. We are not we are devolving. That's a scientific and Biblical fact.

There continues to be a lack of transitional fossils. The fossil evidence does not support evolution.

And there is the impossibility of life originating from non-life. And the catch -22 ... the impossibility of proteins forming outside of a living organism. But, life requires proteins in order for there to be life.

And Dinosaur fossils Carbon 14 dating to be thousands of years and containing soft tissue, red blood cells, and even nerves, and partial and not just a few dinosaurs. It is now thought that most dinosaur bones contain these materials and they could not last millions of a fact that reveals the earth is not millions of years and since evolution requires an old demonstrating that evolution never

These, and many other evidences, certainly seem to say evolution did not happen. Not only did it never evolution is impossible. It could not happen.

Their response we don't know why these things are true, but we know we will find an answer in the future.

In other words, they so strongly believe evolution is true, that they are not going to accept the factual, observable they are just going to believe.

WHAT FAITH! What a strong, blind faith they have.

Why? Because the alternative is God created everything, including and we are accountable to our creator for everything we've ever done wrong. The day of judgment is coming.
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