Earth's frozen fear for the future

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Earth, we all know and love.
"Shiver Star is Earth frozen over with barely any signs of life"

"Shiver Star. A planet looking almost idential to Earth and it's a nuclear Winter"

"Shivier Star is Earth in a permanent winter"

"Shiver Star bears a strong resemblance to planet Earth, complete with orbiting moon. The planet even supported a civilization with similar buildings to those seen in real life (such as the shopping mall and factory seen in Stages 3 and 4). This has led some fans to speculate that Shiver Star may actually be Earth frozen over, after some form of apocalypse, such as a nuclear winter."

But is it? I guess we'll never know.
I'd love to see a Kirby game to focus on where Adeline came from.

You want to buy Kirby 64?
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