Dota Earth Spirit Full Gameplay by OG.Saksa - How to Play Earth Spirit Support like PRO!?

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Martin "Saksa" Sazdov is a Macedonian professional Dota 2 player who is currently playing for OG.
Earth Spirit Dota 2
Kaolin, the Earth Spirit, is a melee strength hero with great utility, possessing a wide array of disables in all of his basic abilities.

Unlike most heroes, his abilities revolve around an innate ability, Stone Remnant, which allows him to place statues that can be used to augment his abilities. Using his abilities in tandem with these remnants, Earth Spirit can slow enemies with Boulder Smash, stun them and initiate with Rolling Boulder, and silence them with Geomagnetic Grip. His ultimate, Magnetize, inflicts nearby enemies with a damage over time debuff, and allows him to spread the slow and silence from his abilities to other nearby enemies while refreshing the debuff duration by using his Stone Remnants, stopping entire groups of enemies in their tracks. With good timing and skill he can initiate fights from a distance, and given the right circumstances can deal a surprising amount of damage to both single and multiple targets, all the while disrupting enemy positioning allowing for easy kills. A useful ally and a dangerous enemy, the Earth Spirit's versatility and flexibility make him an ideal hero in almost any lineup or lane.
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