Answering/Reacting to your assumptions about me! Omg????❤ *Awkward*

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Hii everyone! Finally this video is Uploaded ????????????
Thankyou for wishes and praying!

By the Way I want to share my elder Sister YouTube Channel! Please Support her❤❤
I will really Appreciate if you all will take a Movement and Support her!❤????

Thankyou for Watching ????

????Instagram: @pragatishreya__


✔What's my name?
➡️Pragati Shreya *Shreya is my Surname*

✔Where DO I Live?
➡️Hazaribagh (Jharkhand) ????????

✔In which grade do I study?
➡️Class 11th ????‍????

✔Which camera Do I use?
➡️SAMSUNG A50 (Phone Camera)????

✔Which App I use For editing?
➡️VLLO , VITA and For Thumbnail- Picsart and phonto

✔DO I like Kpop?
➡️Yes I like kpop as I m a kpop Multi stan Fan
      including BTS ????and Blackpink ???? Kard???? Twice ???? Itzy and TXT❤

✔My Hobbies?
➡️To Make youtube Video, Dancing Kpop and I love editing!

????Music used in this video belong to the owner!
????Cute music by tido kang

????Rook1e× meltycanon breathe slow

????Cute music

Thanks for Watching!!
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