AMD 3D V-Cache for Ryzen CPUs is Impressive: Up to 192MB L3 Cache

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AMD’s secret announcement is now out, and it’s about AMD 3D V-Cache for Ryzen CPUs. This video details 3D V-Cache and talks further details about FidelityFX Super Resolution on NVIDIA.
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AMD’s 3D V-Cache for Ryzen CPUs uses through-silicon vias and a hybrid bonding approach to connect 6x6mm S-RAM L3 cache to the top of the AMD CCXs (Core Complexes), but die sanding allows AMD to achieve a similar or the same package height and physical sizing. This could be a potential game changer for AMD as it works to iterate further on its existing multi-chip architecture, especially as Intel pushes hard to compete with its own Foveros and 3D packaging technology. Additionally in this video, we give more airtime to FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR), following subsequent information from AMD during its broadcast. The earlier prebriefing didn’t give us details on the GTX 1060 running FSR, and seeing that really tipped the scales in favor of AMD FSR -- at least socially -- as minimally a stopgap for those stuck on old GPUs with limited supply.

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00:00 - Huge News from AMD
03:17 - AMD 3D V-Cache & Stacking Technical Overview
10:52 - More About AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution

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Host, Writing: Steve Burke
Video: Keegan Gallick
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